Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shrinky Dink Jewelry - Challenge Submission

Arghhhhhh!  I forgot to do my post and now I'm doing it at the last second.  I should be in bed right now.  Arghhh!
Well, I busted into my stash of Shrinky Dink sheets again to make this necklace, bracelets and earring set.  I'm definitely preoccupied with Shrinky Dinks these days!

I started with this cute printable from Just Something I made:
That's a quarter on there to show you the original scale before shrinking.  This next image shows you the scale after shrinking:
They turned into tiny, adorable charms!  The key, if you are going to do this, is to punch your hole BEFORE you shrink your Shrinky Dink.  If you forget, you're kind of screwed.

Here are some close up photos:

I found the pink chain and jump rings on a clearance rank.  I wish I had bought up everything there because I absolutely love them!  So much more interesting than silver or gold.  Alas, I didn't and I've pretty much exhausted my supply now.  :-(

Well, I'm certainly not dazzling you with my writing here.  I'm pretty dang tired so I'm off to bed.  Be sure to vote for your favorite accessory!

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