Tuesday, November 15, 2011

GAP-Tastic Cowl & Knit Along

Yay for knitting! A couple weeks ago, I saw that Shannon of LuvintheMommyhood (love that blog name!) was hosting a Carefree Cowl Knit Along! I have been itching to knit something and was happy to jump right on this bandwagon!

She did a fantastic roundup of cowl patterns of all kinds ... I really liked this simple yet stylish one. It's the GAP-tastic Cowl by Jen Geigley (on Ravelry). I went w/ the EXACT recommended yarn and had this Cowl done in no time!

Seriously, I can barely watch TV (or just sit, or ride in a car frankly)  without having something else to do ... and if I have a project on the needles, you can believe I'm knitting and watching! After 8pm generally when the kids are down ... because then I can turn on Criminal Minds without worrying they'll have nightmares for life.

Anyway, this cowl is really versatile and the yarn is surprisingly soft! I haven't knit as much the last 4 years (I seem to have shifted to sewing) but it was really nice knitting again. I think it's this time of year or something. :)

On another random note, I pulled out the sweaters I knit over 5 years ago this past weekend! I was so afraid that none of them would fit, but all but one did fit! I was thrilled ... I am going to put them back in circulation now that the weather is cooler here. Update ... here's one!

Finally, I've already started and just about finished another cowl - the Marian pattern by Jane Richmond. I'm using a really light blue yarn and it's soo pretty. I **think** I'm going to gift both of these for Christmas but just may have to wear them until then!

Thanks luvinthemommyhood for the great inspiration; it's nice to be back in the knitting ring! I think I'm addicted -- for the second time in my life!

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