Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Perfect Present for a Crafty Little Girl

A couple weeks ago, my oldest niece turned 10! This confirms my suspicion that time really does fly because well, a lot has happened in 10 years (I've graduated college, moved to Arizona, had 3 nieces born, gotten married, had 2 kids, etc)!

I was excited to shop for her on this 10th birthday because we are now to the point where she enjoys crafting, can handle the hot glue gun and really LOVES all my supplies! She is a girl scout so she is always making these little S.W.A.P. pendants (brooch kind of things made mostly of felt with embellishments). Everytime she comes to my house, you can believe we're getting into everything craft related!

So, I decided to give her a getting started kit. I got her a nice "tupperware" organizer thing (hoping for her parents' sake that she keep her stuff picked up) and filled up the three drawers with some basic supplies, such as:

Needless to say, this present was a hit! My niece LOVED it ...and her little sister is already asking for her own set (specifically the glue gun) for her birthday.
This would be my own Sleeping Beauty dying to get into Ella's present!
Happy birthday sweet girl!

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Sky @ Capital B said...

FABULOUS idea... just fabulous! ;)

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