Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Here is the final round up of my random Halloween crafts - I have to say I got really into Halloween decorating this year. I think I'm just a sucker for those awesome color combos of orange, black, purple & green! So this is basically a picture post of random things around my house I've made for Halloween, I'll be sad when I have to take them down!

Witch silhouette inspired by this. This I love ... and I love how it turned out. A blank wooden plaque, scrapbook paper, exacto knife and a little Mod Podge :)

The decorated mantle complete with the garland leftover from last year's cocktail party.

I loved my Halloween Pom Pom pillow so much that I made it a partner - only this time I used pumpkin bias tape along the edges in lieu of pom poms.

Also, I had to try MADE's 10 minute spider web. The kids LOVE this ... it's their absolute favorite. And it's now full of adorable little pre-school crafts they bring home and cannot wait to put on "the web." PS: this larger web took about 20-30 minutes but well worth it!

Last but not least, I just HAD to make the girls some Halloween dresses ... I found this adorable Itsy Bitsy spider fabric at Girl Charlee and couldn't resist it. This is hands-down my fave dress to date ... it's perfect with the purple, green and orange polka dotted trim. And yes, they'll be wearing it well past Halloween! :)

Have a great day / night everyone!

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Terri said...

Happy Halloween to you two ladies, too. Love the web! and the dresses!

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