Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lots 'o Christmas Pillows - Challenge Submission

The challenge here on the blog was offically Christmas Decor; however, my personal challenge was so do this without buying anything new! I'm pleased to report that with some patchwork to stretch the linen-blend fabric a looooong way, it worked!

I present lots ' Christmas pillows. :)

I wanted to paint on the linen fabric, so with the help of Microsoft Clip Art, freezer paper stenciling and the Martha Stewart Pearl & Metallic paints I was able to create exactly what I wanted.

Like I said in this post, you can make the Plaid / Martha Stewart paints work on fabric by adding Fabric Medium to the paint. It works!

I got a little carried away with my embellishing ... there are Jolee's heat fix crystals, some ribbon and of course some pom poms on these pillows!

All the pillows have an envelope back closure so I can easily swap them out.

My personal favorite is this one: the reindeers are just too much! It's so hard to see in the picture but each reindeer is sporting at least one clear crystal. The lead reindeer got a collar, the antlers are decorated on the 2nd, and the 3rd one has a little bling on his booty.

I was going to stop with those pillows, but just kept going! The smaller one with the Christmas trees on it, is just an regular old pillowcase - just smaller. That fun fringe on there was purchased at JoAnn's - it's the "chenille" fringe by Simplicity in the holiday section. Ok, I did buy that!

For the big "Joy" pillow, I used the negative pieces of my freezer paper stencil for the first Joy pillow (up top). All that cutting is exhausting, so I wanted to stretch my stencil as far as possible. Oh, and I'm giving most of these away anyway .... so I won't end up with two Joy pillows.

So there they are! I'm pretty excited about these pillows and hope the recipients are too ... now to figure out which ones to keep and which ones to gift :)

Oh, and please do vote on your favorite Christmas Decor Project!

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