Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Princess Dresses - Special Delivery for Disneyland!

So we started planning / booking our first ever Disneyland trip about a year ago, and last week - we went! And I'm happy to report ... it. was. awesome!

Of course, I needed to make the girls some special dresses for this big event and I went with the princess direction given that they are full on obsessed with the princesses! Favorites are: Sleeping Beauty, "Fapunzel," "A-yall," and Cinda-le-lla.

These dresses are pretty much a shameless copycap of Lil Blue Boo's princess dress from a while back; what can I say? I love her stuff!

I used some of the a-mazing new Martha Stewart paints to make these dresses extra special, and extra sparkly. These "pearl" paints are fantastic. Mix with the "fabric medium" per the product instructions and you have permanent fabric paint! Hooty hoo, the possibilities are endless w/ this stuff!

Warning ... this mixture (paint + fabric medium) seems runnier than other fabric paints I have used, but it dried and set just fine. And by runny, I mean the fabric puckered a bit until it was all dry. Heat pressing the paint to set it, smoothed it out nice and pretty.

Here are a couple pictures of the paint + fabric medium mixture.

To create the crown, I used my cheap-o silk screening method of choice: freezer paper stenciling (more here & here). I found thecrown in Microsoft Clip Art, and simply blew it up on the printer until it was the desired size. I cut with an exacto blade and pressed it to the fabric panel to create a stencil.

By the time I'm getting around to writing this post, I have washed the dresses and am happy to report that they washed up perfectly!

Oh, and for some added flair I added Jolee's Heat Fix Crystals (clear & hot pink) to the crown points. They bling - love it! (The crystals washed up fine too).

All in all, our trip to Disney was a huge success and I'm happy to have created a couple special outfits for the the occasion! ;) Needless to say, the girls liked Disney! (see below!)

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