Monday, January 30, 2012

My Button Collection

I don’t know why I’m doing this.  It’s not like I relish admitting my hoarder-like tendencies.  But, for some reason, I’m compelled to show you all my buttons. 
I have so many buttons I could open a button store.
It actually has taken some time for me to gather them all up from the many different corners of my house in which I stash them.   Because I’m lazy, I’ll probably leave them here on the table for weeks rather than put them away.  I’m not very good at cleaning up after myself. 

I have so many buttons that I can never find the right button when I need one.  I think about organizing them by color or size or both, but I never get around to it.  Man, can you imagine how long that would take?  Instead, I use random containers to store them.  I think I have buttons in every room of my house.  Yes, even the bathrooms! 
To be honest, I think there's one tin missing. . .  like I need more!
When my nephew was little, we would use buttons as the payload for his Tonka trucks.  That was an awesome use of buttons.  My brother always thought I was nuts to do this because it made such a mess.  I figure what’s a cool auntie for if not doing fun, messy stuff with?

Just a couple days ago, I wrote briefly about going to a Valentine making party (check that out here).  I pulled out a bunch of red, white and pink buttons to use for embellishment.  I even had some heart-shaped buttons.  Of course I did!  How could I have this many buttons and not have heart shaped ones?  The law of averages is against it.
Valentine buttons
A few months ago, I made this great necklace out of buttons.  There’s a tutorial for it here.
Button necklace
I know, deep in my heart, that one day, inspiration is going to strike and I’m going to have an idea for a project that is going to require hundreds of buttons.  Thank goodness, I’m ready.  When you’re a crafter, you have to plan for these things. 
That's a whole lot of buttons
How do you craft with buttons?
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Mamzelle Stella said...

L♥ve your collection ! It gives me the idea to store them in nice boxes too. Have a good day !

SuzyQSparkles said...

I tend to store my (MUCH smaller) button collection in tons. I *really* like your use of jars and glass objects though. It may even be better than the sweets typically found in my jars.

Love your payload. You didn't even mention the guilty pleasure of running your fingers through burtoms... Love to do that!

Denise Cerro said...

I love your buttons (actually covet them) and the different containers make a great display. It may seem overwhelming...but it was actually very meditative for me to dump them out on the floor (small piles at a time of course) and sort through them and organize by colors and then by size. I use mostly medium to large buttons on my pillows so I have them in a compartmentalized box, and the small ones are colorized in baggies in a basket.
Now when I'm working on a project it is so easy to pull out the color I need instead of searching through them all.
Just a thought, you fellow button hoarder you !

Terri said...

I think we must be twins... I have buttons in a few spots, too. I keep mine in tins, though. I have 4 tins, and then there are some in the sewing boxes, and some in my beading storage.... I had to buy some more recently... I did not have any heart shaped ones. I'd never thought of using them to decorate with...
I've seen some cuff bracelets on various blogs, you might want to use some of your collection for that.
P.S. My word id is "winter" - a real word!!!

Terry said...

I love buttons too Sarah, I could spend hours sorting them and be very happy! Mine are all in jars too.

MissesStitches said...

I'm so jealous of your button collection! I have some, but not nearly enough. Buttons are the best!

Buttons said...

LOVE button collections! Sometimes I clear off the table just so I can spill a jar of buttons on it and go through them. Thanks for sharing! I found this blod via Aunt Peaches valentine swap!

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