Friday, September 17, 2010

Things to Buy and Not to Buy at a Thrift Store

I popped into a few Goodwills tonight and one of the things I bought was a macaroni and cheese cookbook.  That's right, an entire cookbook devoted to mac and cheese.  Of course, the second I saw it, I had an overwhelming craving for a bowl of the stuff so I came home and whipped up a box of Kraft cheese and macaroni.  While I enjoy this culinary delight, I thought I'd tell you about a couple of things that I think any self-respecting thrift shopper should buy, and one thing I saw that you shouldn't ever buy, at least not at a resale establishment.

I am crazy about space stuff.  I love anything having to do with the Apollo era or earlier.  If it's pre-manned space flight speculation about what space will be like, that is the motherlode.  Well, you can only imagine my excitement when I found these three books.  I'm fairly certainly I squealed.  There may have been a little dance, too. Not since I found a copy of Werner Von Braun's "The Exploration of Mars" with illustrations by Chesley Bonestell did I go this crazy.  

Are they not awesome?

The condition could be better as the spines are shot, but the pages are in good shape and the illustrations are to die for.  This is one of the best things I've found in a long, long time.  

Total paid for all three books:  $2.97.
I found this gorgeous Llewellyn lucite purse piled in with the plastic storage containers.  This is only the second time I've found a lucite purse in all my years of thrifting.  I was so excited to show you that I didn't even take the sticker off (or was it the Minnie Pearl in me wanting you to know how much I paid?).  Please don't think I actually paid the full $2.99 price.  There was a 20% off coupon in use.  I got this beauty for $2.39.
I have bought so many odd things at thrift stores.  So what on earth did I see at Goodwill today that I would tell you not to buy?  Well, scroll down and take a look.  If this is a product you want, I highly recommend you pay retail. 

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Sara said...

sarah - next time i come over, i'm gonna need you to make something from that mac 'n cheese cookbook! is it as good of a find as the grilled cheese book?

Terry said...

You are right, that is disgusting, I love the purse, I feel something cute coming out of that find ! Will it be a purse or lined and a little sewing box?

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