Friday, November 19, 2010

Quilted (really!?) Table Runner

It's official ... I've made my first "quilted" item and I LOVE IT! We have a beautiful mahoghany kitchen table (my wedding gift - one of the joys of marrying a carpenter). But I rarely get out the placemats because the little people just throw them in the floor and, well that makes me a little crazy. But, I got an idea to make a table runner instead. I started my Google search and all I knew was that I wanted something festive and fairly easy. I found This tutorial ...

I decided to use it because ... it's reversible! And how cool is that? AND, there was no binding to it - just a top stitch instead. My kind of pattern. The top is "quilted" with orange thread with yellow in the bobbin so there's no orange on the "back". I would never have known this was considered quilting, but Sarah says it is and she's the quilting authority as far as I'm concerned.

Anyway, I really love these colors for fall. This is now the third project I've used that orange in (first the candy corn skirts, and then the pumpkin skirt). Somehow or another there are still scraps, so I may try my hand at some matching patchwork napkins - someday if there's ever time between Challenges here on SvS. That yellow is leftover from a top secret project - at least until the Christmas card goes out. Lots of black and white, because you really cannot go wrong w/ B & W ... And that zebra print? Leftover from making this of my first sewing projects. Gosh I barely recognize my big girl who was only 1.5 here, and now she's 3.0.
June 2009; I liked pom poms then too!
This is a project I am sure I'm going to do again. The instructions were clear and I absolutely love my newly decorated table. The "pinecorns" (yes, that's what they call them) are a nice addition too!

ps- this is the second pattern I've used from JCasa and I'm hooked on her stuff. Both patterns are on Sew Mama Sew. The Kidlets I made are still a hit around here. Most mornings they are confused for purses and leave the house with us instead of staying on the hangers for organizing; oh well. The wee ones like them and that's what matters!

  • orange - random from Joann's
  • zebra - Jennifer Paganelli Flower Power #29 Zebra
  • linen - an old pair of pants that have been cut up for new projects (this & Kidlets)
  • blank & white dots - randoms from Hobby Lobby (need to get more!)
  • yellow - Robert Kaufman Free to Grow #10608
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