Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And the Challenge 10 Winner is....


Sarah took the prize in the felt challenge with her project, the Candy Cane Junction Tree Skirt.  The final vote tally was Sarah-40, Sara-11.  Sara also took away a prize because she got the tree skirt for Christmas!

Thank you, everyone, for coming by, checking out the projects, and voting!

Come back tomorrow to find out about our special year end voting!



**Candy Cane Junction Tree Skirt, read more here.
**Bedazzled Christmas Tree Broaches, read more here.

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Terry said...

That was so cute Sarah, and lucky Sara for being the recipient!

Sara from Sara vs. Sarah said...

a victory well deserved! big congratulations sarah! ...and I was going to do "real winner" post about how you gave it to me - still might! :-)

Sara vs. Sarah said...

I think you should. I need all the positive strokes I can get

Daffodil Fairy said...

Well done, look forward to more felt projects as I just love working with felt - Oriel from New Zealand

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