Friday, December 24, 2010

Virtual Advent Calendar Day 24: Marbleized Wrapping Paper

1 Day Left Until Christmas!
My SIL's present wrapped in homemade marbleized paper.
I had seen marbleized paper made before, but this was the first time I've done it.  It was so easy!  What a great way to get your kids involved in wrapping the Christmas presents!

I came across this idea in the 1973 book "Creating with Tissue Paper" by Barbara B. Stephan. 

Her instructions were for a version using turpentine, oil-based paints and water, but I remembered that there was a much more kid-friendly way to do this.
Materials Needed:
  • Paper (I used that giant roll of paper you can get at IKEA for about $5)
  • Foamy shaving cream (not the gel)
  • Water based paints
  • A large shallow pan or dish (I used a jelly roll-type cookie sheet)
  • A spatula
  • A straw

Step 1:  Fill your pan with a thick layer of shaving cream.  Smooth it into an even layer with the spatula

I lined my cookie sheet with foil, but this was a completely unnecessary step.
Step 2:  Water down your paint so it has a runny consistency.  I used tempura paints, but you can use any water-based paint.  Pour your paint onto the surface of the shaving cream.

Paint poured onto the surface of the shaving cream.
Step 3:  Grab your straw and drag it through the paint to form your marbleized pattern.  You don't need to drag it through the entire layer of shaving cream.  You want to work on the surface of the shaving cream as much as possible.  

I used a straw to drag the paint across the surface of the shaving cream to create the design.
Step 4:  Lay a sheet of paper on top of the shaving cream.  Gently pat it down onto the surface of the shaving cream.  Make sure the entire sheet is touching the shaving cream.

A sheet is laid on top of the shaving cream to form the imprint.
Step 5:  Gently pull the sheet off the shaving cream.  A lot of the shaving cream will stick to the paper.  Don't panic, it's normal.

The sheet right after it's been pulled off the shaving cream.
Step 6:  Scrape the shaving cream off the paper using the spatula.  You'll want to keep a bowl nearby into which you discard your scraped off shaving cream.  Don't worry about smearing the paint.  Because it's water based, the paint has soaked into the paper.  Once all the shaving cream is scraped off, set the paper aside to dry (if you have a clothsline, you could hang it, too).

Sheet after all the shaving cream has been scraped off. 
 Step 7:  You can make several impressions off the same layer of shaving cream.  You may need to add more paint, and/or use your straw to reform the design.

The same shaving cream ready for a second impression.
Cost:  Cheap!  IKEA paper is about $5 and will make a lifetime supply of wrapping paper.  A can of shaving cream will cost about $1.50.  The paints will run about $6.  So, for under $13, you can keep the kids entertained and make a ton of wrapping paper.

Time to Complete:  You can make a lot of marbleized paper in an hour.

Skill Level:  If your kids are old enough to know not to eat the shaving cream, they can do this.

Go get out the shaving cream and get those presents wrapped!  Christmas morning will be here in no time!  

I hope you have enjoyed the Retro Craft Virtual Advent Calendar as much as I have.  Sara and I have big plans for the coming year...  more crafts, more tutorials, some giveaways, and, of course, our biweekly competition!  Check back with us often.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, good crafting!

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I think that would make such a fun project! Different every time and what fun to play with shaving cream!

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