Monday, January 3, 2011

The "real" winner of challenge No. 10 is ...

... Sara & her little crew of train lovers! That's right ... my friend & competitor, Sarah, GAVE my family the Candy Cane Junction Tree Skirt for Christmas!!! I was sooo surprised and thrilled to be the lucky recipient of this work of art!

As a fellow crafter, I know the hours and hours that went into a project like this. And Sarah didn't brag on herself enough - she actually designed the entire piece and created all the pieces herself, oh and then embellished it all with sequins & beads. As if that wasn't enough, she threw on a RED POM POM fringe! (Red is Audrey's favorite color) and we all know by now my little love affair w/ pom poms. :-)

Next year, it's my goal to find a place to prominently display this so that ALL sides can be showcased ... the engine, fun freight cars and caboose are adorable, but the other side showcases the depot and some adorable Christmas trees. Love it all!

So THANK YOU Sarah!!! We ALL love it and will treasure it for years and years. I also imagine that someday I'll have to mediate the fight as to which girls "gets to keep it." :-)  

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Sara vs. Sarah said...

I knew when I was making it that it had to go to you! I'm so glad you like it. --Sarah

Jessica Chism said...

Its so cute! I can only imagine how much the girls love it!

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