Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Project Organizer - Get Organized Submission

The finished measurements are 8.5" x 24" (conveniently the size of my largest cutting ruler). I used a piece of canvas for the backing because it's sturdy (and it's apparently permanently wrinkled from washing and I cannot think of anything else to do with it). I made my own "bias tape" using my fancy new bias tape maker (1" maker creates 1/2" double fold tape - note to self). I have "bias tape" in quotes because I did not cut any of this fabric on the actual bias - I knew that I'd be using it to bind STRAIGHT edges, so I didn't think it would matter (it didn't). SO, I used up the scraps for cutting the pockets and created about 85" of bias tape (woah!) and used it to bind all four edges and make the "hanger."

Regarding the picture below, I am OBSESSED with this color combo! The yellow / grey / purple thing is working for me!

doesn't that corner look sharp? I've never rounded a corner before, but was surprised at how easy it is to make nice corners!

  • White with multi-flowers...Anthology Fabrics pattern #PR176/184/192
  • Are you sick of it yet? Yellow (in projects here & here)...Robert Kaufman Free to Grow #10608
  • Purple... Kathy Davis for Free Spirit Dot Dot Dash
Grey w/ white dots ...(oops cut off part of it, but remaining says "garden pindot"

Getting organized ... there isn't much that I love more than organizing! It feels so good to have everything in its place and to see clean spots around the house and knowing just where to go to find something ... enter my project organizer aka hanging canvas pocket holder thing.

All the pockets have something in them now - what you ask?

  • Top - coasters that need to be finished for gifting
  • Middle - scraps cut from back of yet to be finished quilt (I will make that quilt someday, but it's likely I'll get to those scraps first)
  • Bottom - cut pieces for 2 more camera straps that I need to crank out!

I REALLY love this yellow and it seems to go with everything. I didn't have enough to make a pocket out of it, but had enough to make a strip for the middle pocket. I also made sure to add some of that yellow to the bias tape that finishes off this organizer.

Obviously my scarves need to get organized! but here's a picture of the back ... I like that the back of this project came out so "clean." The only seam lines you see on the back are from the bottom of the TOP 2 pockets (everything else is encased in the bias tape and totally hidden).

If you're a sewer, is this something you'd be interested in making? I am thinking about writing out the instructions / measurements. Let us know!
Now, pick your favorite GET ORGANIZED project & go vote!

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I made the pockets so that they angled out - providing more room for putting things in their place!
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Jessica Chism said...

I love this! Perfect to hang on the back of a door, but so cute it will only add to the room.

Sara from Sara vs. Sarah said...

thanks jessica! does "lc" need one for her room? :-)for real...

TeardropHankys said...

Very cool organizer...I may try it with hankies !

Jil said...

I think this is a great idea and could be used in almost every room of the house! How about hanging it in the bathroom for all those cute hairclips,scrunchies, combs, brushes, etc. -- or in the kitchen for potholders and rolled-up dish towels -- or in a girl's room for tiny toys (aka painful Barbie stilettos). Please DO provide the tutorial -- I'd love to make one (or two).

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