Sunday, March 13, 2011

Scrapbuster No. 14: Quilted Coasters

Ever have a tiny scrap that is so cute, you cannot part with it? That's how I feel about these Unruly Reindeers ... they are so charming! We originally posted about these silly reindeer here during our Tammis Keefe Tribute / Giveaway Event.

I decided to whip up a linen-backed quilted coaster featuring one of these little guys! I had some coordinating scraps that worked realy well w/ the reindeer! Someday (before Christmas hopefully) I'll make a couple more so that there's a set.

Coasters are a great way to use up scraps ... here's a flashback picture to some coasters that I made in January for my cousin ...we are both big fans of the lime green / pink combo!

If you've got any oilcloth scraps laying around, try these:
Posted about them here .. could NOT be simpler. An absolute beginner could make them.  

Quilted coasters are really simple ... in a nutshell, this is how I do it:
  • pick coordinating fabrics; you can lay them out to get a visual, or just wing it.
  • start sewing them together
  • press seams
  • keep sewing pieces together until you get to the desired size (I go for 5" x 5" and have a card stock cutout in this shape so it's easy to lay it over the fabrics to see where I'm at).
  • trim to desired size
  • make a "sandwich" with your pieced top, batting and the backing (linen in my case)
  • make sure the RIGHT sides are facing
  • sew around edges leaving about 2" opening to turn
  • clip corners, turn,
  • press, topstitch & "quilt" as desired!
I seem to have taken about a gazillion pictures of this coaster process, so here's a pictoral... 

i started with the reindeer

i trimmed the top and bottom of this 3 - pieced section, so that the next two pieces (the red ones) could go on straight

see--  straight edges where each piece is attached

having this template helps me see what i need to trim

polish up those edges

nice and neat pieced front

the "sandwich"

the opening ... tuck those ends under, topstitch, "quilt" and be done!

Happy scrapbusting!

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