Sunday, March 20, 2011

Scrapbuster No. 22: Sew Sampler Class Goodies (three!)

Yesterday, we took a class at our most favorite fabric store - Scrapbooks, Etc! Oh how we love that place...and guess what, we made THREE scrapbusters from the store's scraps! Keep reading to see what we made ...

Go figure - we liked the same fabric collection!

This is a handy dandy needle case that looks like an envelope (you got that, right?). Well when you open it, there are felt inserts (like book pages) that can hold needles. It's SUPER cute.

Ahh ... my (Sara speaking) favorite part of the class - the pincushions! Aren't they awesome?

We also made project bags that have a clear vinyl front. They are a nice large size so you can actually use them for projects (and not feel like you have to cram it all in there).
that is a sneak peek into Sarah's amazing well-stocked Cabooble / Sewing Box
This (above) is Sara being very frustrated with her zipper. While trying to sew my zipper, I ran out of bobbin thread (that ALWAYS happens!!!), clogged up my bobbin holder, and then the thread broke. Oh and I pulled the zipper off the zipper by accident - fortunately a "trained professional" at Scrapbooks, Etc knew how to get it back on there. :)

The project bag!

The best part? We did all this in 2.5 hours and had to cut NOTHING! That's right ... everything was pre-cut and pre-bagged by project (I do love organization), so we just got to sew sew sew! Terry, Barb & Louise- thanks for a really fun and awfully productive class. We'll be back! Soon, that is. :-)

ps- other best part? Sara won a freebie admit to a future "pin cushion club" class ... woo hoo! That's like a $30 value and I get to sew with these amazing instructors again. I cannot wait.

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Sara vs. Sarah said...

How many times do I have to tell you it's a tackle box, not a Caboodle? Tackle boxes are much more serious. ;-) It was a great time, wasn't it?

Sara vs. Sarah said...

sarah - ha ha ... so sorry because i'll never be able to see that "box" and not call it a caboodle! :-) And yep, a great time!

Sky said...

Ah don't Caboodles bring back memories! Just recently found your blog and I love it! I made the shoelaces as soon as I saw them. So excited to be keeping up with you from now on!

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