Monday, May 2, 2011

LBB Dresses

I've become that person that my friends "donate" to ... whenever they are purging their closets! Recently I "scored" some super soft tees from Em because she wanted to see "what I'd do w/ them." She also gave me back the bridesmaids dress she wore in  my wedding six years ago (again, to see what I could come up w/)!

I've been thinking on those tees for a while now, and finally decided to go back to my old trusty dress pattern from Lil Blue Boo (the Sienna patttern) and made the girls some new dresses. I love this pattern and have made more of these dresses than I've blogged about! But here's one, the sorority tee upcycle.

Their dresses are different styles but the colors coordinate - just like I like them! Audrey got a ruffle b/c she is so tall and I needed the added length (someone in Trader Joe's seriously thought she was FIVE the other day ... right! She is only 3.5 yo ... but as sassy as a 16 yo).

She picked her coordinating pom poms for her pig tails. I was impressed with her matching! ;)
Izzie got the cool flower print tee (a GAP tee that I loved and wore a while, until it developed a hole on the front!) mixed with Em's beige shirt. The front and back are different color blocks.
Izzie's sleeves are do not have a folded hem ... they are just finished with a zig zag stitch and I'm pleased with how it turned out.  I used a tank top for the beige, so I didn't have existing sleeves to work with and didn't have enough of the tank body to use.

Yes, she too promptly removed her shoes; it's a thing they do.

We were at a birthday party for these pictures and all my kids (and Trey down there) wanted to do was play in this nasty mud puddle (it smelled like rotten fish). Naturally when I asked for a picture, they gathered around said puddle. Grrr.

When I asked for a picture, they all snugged together with their arms around each other and said "cheese!". They are trained professionals, for sure.

This ^^ is my favorite picture from the day. That ball + that puddle = trouble.

Final picture from the party, I cut off here because this is where I became a referee between my children and the desserts. You see that cake right there? (Audrey licked it) and Izzie? She helped herself to a very large selection of homemade cake pops! It was a fun day for all of us! ;)

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Terri said...

Lots of pretty girls! Thanks for showing your pics.

Jessica said...

I have that pattern as well and LOVE it. Love the shirt combinations that you used!

Cat Ray said...

These are adorable. It's so hard to shop dresses, especially for young kids.

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