Monday, June 13, 2011

Fun Embroidery Freebie

Some of my newly organized thread

In the spirit of our current challenge, I thought I'd share something really cool, I found in this wonderful place called blogland! I came across these adorable printables (free!) via How About Orange and gasped out loud at how cute they were! These printable thread bobbins can be found at the Wild Olive blog / website. I think this is a most cute & brilliant idea. Way prettier than the blanks you can buy at the craft store, ... and I don't know about you, but an easier system to manage embroidery thread than throwing all the half used skeins into a box (picture big tangled mess).

So while working on our embroidery challenge project, I took the opportunity to help my threads out and put them on these adorable bobbins. We are both happy now!

Another helpful gadget in my embroidery secion of the craft room: the needle case I made at a local fabric store a while back. This envelope style needle holder is perfect for holding lots of needles. And, my tiny sewing scissors fit in there perfectly too :)

Happy embroider'ing (is that even a word)?

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Terri said...

Love your post. I "ran around" to a bunch of the links, and found one with a recipe for paper mache that is like clay! I'm thinking I might try to combine the p m with resin. Anyway, today I'm quilting on my Hugs and Kisses quilt - I'm giving it to my hubby for father's day.

Terry said...

What cute ones to wrap the floss around, I won't be buying the other kind anymore! And isn't that a darling needle case!!!! :-) So glad you are using it. Our next Sew Sampler is coming up!

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