Monday, October 25, 2010

A Friend With Benefits

"Sara" Here. So ... we told you here how we met and that we've been friends for lots of years now but one of the other things you've probably realized about "the other Sarah" is her God - given talent for thrifting! I mean seriously, she can find things ...VALUABLE things in any thrift store. Goodwill should have a poster with her picture - and they should be afraid when she enters, because that thing marked $2.99 will find her and it'll really be worth $50 or something crazy!

Yesterday, I went to Sarah's house to plan for our upcoming First Annual Crafty Spooky Halloween Cocktail Party (I just gave that a lot of adjectives, huh?). Good time as usual! I walked in and right away, Sarah said, I've collected another "Sara pile" to my ears!

This little collection contained a couple of real gems - and one of them was so awesome that I wanted to do a little jig. Can you guess which one? It's the middle picture - pink and green pom poms!!! On a string ... heavy weight - probably upholstery weight! What? Someone didn't want this and took it to Goodwill? The horror; my gain. I LOVE this. You may have noticed that I have a thing for "pom poms" ... here and here for example. And of course, I have another work in process that includes pom poms too; I really like them (it's for the Halloween Cocktail Party, so it'll be up soon).

Another upcoming project, for which I already have the fabric and just don't have the time (ugh), is curtains for one of the girl's rooms. It's the pink and green room, matching these letters. I think these pom poms will be making their way into those curtains...someday. 

As for the other two presents from Sarah ... my house is still way into THOMAS the TRAIN, so maybe a pillow from this big piece of Thomas fabric, and the dress pattern - too cute. We'll see some halters in the making next summer for sure!

Thanks Sarah! 

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Jessica Chism said...

LOVE those pom poms!!! I can't wait to see what you do with them!

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